Frequently Asked Questions

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A Presscast is a way to leverage content without creating it. Instead of writing your own articles, simply embed your content natively into the articles of thousands of publishers. It combines the best of two worlds by enabling you to have the effectiveness of content marketing while maintaining the ease and scalability of a Google Ads campaign.
Yes! By using our simple search bar, you can see all the articles related to your keywords and simply choose the ones that suit your Presscast best.
We have relationships with our publishers to ensure that the Presscasts are not removed. If you encounter any problems with this, please message us at and we'll take a look at your specific case.
There is no limit to how often you can submit a Presscast.
While the publisher may suggest changes to your Presscast, you will be notified of any such changes and can reject or counter-edit them. For the best chance of your Presscast being accepted without changes, try to ensure it fits the native content in terms of style, voice and subject relevance.
A Presscast premium account includes :
  • Free Premium Features: like Earlybird Alerts: get notified of matches 15 minutes before everybody else.
  • Free One-on-One Training: a 20-minute live training session to help you hit the ground running.
  • Free Priority Support: get support from real humans, within minutes.


Ordinary PR or SEO firms use a "pay for effort" model, in which you are billed for time spent contacting the publishers, regardless of whether or not your content gets published. We believe this is unfair, so we bill our customers only when their presscasts are actually published.
When a publisher wants to publish your presscast, you will be notified and asked to confirm publication. Only after this confirmation will you be billed.
No! You will be given a chance to accept/reject/update each contribution, and you will be directed to the payment page after this step.
Yes. You will be asked to expressly confirm each publication before being billed.
Yes. The publisher sets the contribution price himself.
Because it's the right thing to do. Billing hourly is the norm in the industry, but it leads to under-servicing, and obfuscation of results. Both of these things are detrimental to the client, and it's our mission to offer a sensible alternative.
Firstly, please let us know! You can contact us at, and we'll be happy to examine the situation and see what we can do.